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PS3 Repair Guide

When the PS3 was first launched way back in late November of 2006, Sony portrayed it as the ultimate entertainment machine that could play games, watch movies and browse the Internet. Indeed it was, till it broke down in the thousands and droves of owners started flooding the Internet looking for a potential PS3 repair that could fix the plethora of problems that plagued their consoles.

Back then, there weren’t many guides or shops anywhere at all as the frequency and amount of PS3 breakdowns were totally unexpected. Heck, within 2 years from the date of its launch, more than 12,000 out of the 2 million consoles that were sold in the UK alone have shut down due to the various errors, the most widespread which was the Yellow Flashing Light, also known was the Yellow Light Of Death.

PS3 Repair By Sony
ps3 repair by sonyAs a result of the lack of proper repair shops and online guides on how to fix these problems, many have resorted to sending their PS3 consoles back to Sony to be repaired. This became the common practice for a while, until it was reported by masses of PS3 owners that their consoles were only returned to them after a 4 to 6 week period. In addition to that, the PS3 owners were being charged an astounding $150 to $200 for the problems faced by their consoles that were not even caused by them in the first place. Also, when their consoles were finally returned to them at a costly price and long wait, they found that their hard drives have been completely wiped out and all their saved files were gone.

Repair Shops
ps3 repair shopDue to the dissatisfaction with the service provided by Sony, many have turned to the dodgy shops that promise similar repairs to Sony’s at half the price. Most of the repairs worked to the wonder of many PS3 owners, for a short while, at least.

When these consoles started to break down again however, they were forced to return to these repair shops to have them repaired again as they themselves are completely clueless as to its causes and fixes. Due to this, many PS3 owners have actually spent more than they would’ve if they had just sent their PS3 consoles to Sony to be repaired. It was either frequent visits to the PS3 repair shops or a long wait of over a month for Sony to return their consoles to them. Many were desperate.

Online Repair Guides

As a result of the demand for alternative methods to fix the consoles, many online PS3 repair guides have surfaced over time. These repair guides were devoured by the hungry PS3 owners as they were easily accessible online. Plus, the causes of their PS3 console breakdowns were explained and the fixes were often as easy as requiring a screwdriver and some toothpaste. The best part was, the fixes are all do-it-yourself and could be done in a matter of hours rather than having to pay a hefty sum for the repair, wait for weeks and end up lost again when the consoles start to encounter errors again.

Quite recently, a Mr. Rob Sheffield who owns a PS3 repair shop with in Melbourne, Australia, who has more than 4 years of experience in this field, had come up with an online do-it-yourself repair guide, which enables any PS3 owners to fix their problems easily by directing them in detailed step-by-step instructions which are also fully illustrated in pictures. This repair guide has since been hailed as the best in its genre. Visit Mr. Rob Sheffield’s Repair Guide here: PS3 Repair Guide.